Install WeChat on Fedora

Install Wine

sudo dnf install wine

Adjust DPI Config

Use bellow command to open winecfg


Adjust the dpi to a suitable value at tab Graphics. (4k monitor, 192 dpi)

Download And Config Fonts

Run the following commands

sudo dnf install cabextract
sudo dnf install winetricks
winetricks corefonts gdiplus riched20 riched30

Download & Install WeChat

Just download the exe Installer. (Same with download it from browser.)


Star WeChat Installer with wine:

wine ./WeChatSetup.exe

Then install it as in Windows.

After installed, you can delete the installer file.

Adjust language Settings

Edit this file:

vim ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/WeChat/WeChat.desktop

Change the part Exec , add a new enviroment variable:

env LC_ALL="zh_CN.UTF8" 

The finally result should like this: (note for the path)

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=env LC_ALL="zh_CN.UTF8" env WINEPREFIX="/home/aimer/.wine" wine C:\\\\ProgramData\\\\Microsoft\\\\Windows\\\\Start\\ Menu\\\\Programs\\\\WeChat\\\\WeChat.lnk
Path=/home/aimer/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files (x86)/Tencent/WeChat

Start WeChat

Durning the install process, a desktop file has been added to your system. Just open it as a normal application.

Know Issue

  1. You can only use Chinese. Chinese characters will not display properly when you set language settings to English
  2. The name of the sticker can not be displayed properly
  3. The program launched by WeChat will be in Chinese
  4. The shadow of the WeChat’s windows still at the top of other program
  5. The mini-program might not work



If you don’t mind installing a nspawn sub-system into your computer, try this awesome project:

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