Prepare JDK and IDE

Just simply download IntellJ IDEA Community is good for fabric development.

Keep in mind that you must download jdk-17 for development. You can download the jdk inside IDEA or download it manually. But don’t forget to setup in IDEA.

Download Template

You can download a template in fabric template mod generator.

Setup your own Mod Name, Mod ID and Package Name. Select the newest minecraft version and download the zip file.


In the Advanced Option, check Data Generation and uncheck Split client and common sources

Unzip the zip file and open it with IDEA, wait for IDEA to load the project.

Checkup Project JDK version

Check File - Project Structure, make sure that the SDK and Language level are all set to jdk version 17.

Check File - Settings - Build, Execution, Deployment - Build Tools - Gradle, make sure the Gradle JVM is set to jdk version 17.

Add Mod Client

Add a client entrypoints inside ./src/main/resources/fabric.mod.json

  // ...
  "entrypoints": {
		// ...
    "client": [
    // ...
  // ...

Create a new class in ./src/main/java/com/example/

package com.example;

import net.fabricmc.api.ClientModInitializer;

public class TemplateModClient implements ClientModInitializer {
    public void onInitializeClient() {


Generate Minecraft Source Code

Open Terminal, run this command:

./gradlew genSources

This command needs some time to run and you can go for drinking a cup of coffee ☕.

After enjoy your hot coffee, go to ./src/main/java/com/example/mixin/, holding ctrl and click MinecraftServer:

// package, importing ...

@Mixin(MinecraftServer.class) // <--- this line
public class ExampleMixin {
  // class define ...

Accept the EULA and in the top blue warning, click Choose Sources, select the jar file with end of *-source.jar

Start Minecraft Development Client

In the right tab, click Gradle. Inside Tasks - fabric, double click the runClient and the minecraft client for development is going to start soon.

If the minecraft client start successfully, restart the IDEA, then the IDEA’s run entry will setup correctly as runClient which start a development minecraft client.

Setup Your Version Control System

In the end, don’t forget to manage your source code with version control system like git, or even better, share it to GitHub.

JetBrains Plugin

Install this JetBrains Plugin to get better development experience.

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