Today, I buy a new phone One Plus ACE 2. It’s a good phone and it contains GMS which can be enabled from settings. But it did not give you a google play store, which I really need to install some paid apps. So here is how you can install one.

Enable GMS From Settings

  1. Open your settings app, search google.
  2. Click the first result Google Mobile Services.
  3. Enable Google Mobile Services.
  4. Login in your google account at Google if you want.

Install Google Play Store

After you enable GMS, all you need to do next is install a google play store.

You can download a google play store app from apkmirror. Just download the newest version of the play store is fine. For the Architecture, select arm64-v8a.

After you download, you will get a apkm file, which is not a regular apk file. You need to installed it with a tool called APKMirror Installer (Official). You need this app to install app store, so you must download this app from apkpure.

After install the APKMirror Installer, just open the apkm file with APKMirror Installer. Every thing will be installed right way.